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In the shadows an' the mist behind you I stand, biding my time. I will have you. [entries|friends|calendar]
Rosaline Bloodthorne

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What lurks behind you... PT1 [07 Apr 2004|06:59pm]
Alone again. The serenity of the wilderness consumed the very air around her, leaving her speechless, and more importantly, breathless. The young, lithe figure streaked in and out amongst the tall, overgrown grass and wildflowers, the trees and bushes. The large feline weaved in and out of the maze created by the vegetation, her destination, the top of the low hills that lead to the mountains to the north. She was just out to be out, to be free from the insanity that was running rampant in her home, the ShadowLands.

A sniff here, whisker-twitch there, the soft footfalls of the large paws paused momentarily. Standing completely still, she listened to the continued silence for that single sound that would betray her follower. Where was it....it had just been here. Did it pause as she did...no wait, there it was. Golden flecked eyes scanned the forest floor around her, as well as the area ahead of her. Slowly her head turned, gazing behind her. Indeed, it had finally stopped...must have seen her pause. Cautiously, she continued on, resuming the trot, then upping the stakes a bit. The footfalls quickened, the speed increased, the distance in which her strides took lengthened. A streak of gold in a sea of green, she darted in and around the trees expertly. This was her home, she knew it like the back of her hand. But even the forest caused certain problems for her. Dense vegitation kept her from seeing properly that which expertly tracked her.

Skidding to a stop, she panted as she gazed behind her. The golden pelt melted into a bush, watching, waiting. Something wasn't right. Where were they? Had they given up? Did they somehow get ahead of her? Fangs flashed in annoyance as she growled to nothing in particular. She'd succeeded in leading it away from the Tavern, but to what avail? If caught, what could happen? Doubting her own abilities wasn't her intention, just wondering the possible outcomes. Worst case scenario, she wouldn't be able to best that which even still tracked her. Best case, she escaped, or managed to bring whatever it was down. It seemed fighting would be her best plan of action. Flight hadn't shaken this...whatever it was. She highly doubted that it had given up in following her, that just didn't seem like a feasible idea. She would fight as she knew she needed to. Ivory claws and fangs flashed in the moonlight as she growled, turning her body just enough to launch herself into a tree. Gaining a height advantage might bide her some time at the very least.

It stepped out from the shadows, quite a bit closer than she'd ever expected. The stench from it was almost unbearable. Oozing from this creature...if creature could be a humane way of describing it, was a smell that immediately caused the bile within her stomach to be violently expelled, even in her form. As heightened as her senses were in her present form it was no surprise that she was thusly effected. This didn't go unnoticed by this creature, a hideous grin spreading upon its maw. Shreds of rotting flesh adorned the face, a startling white flash of bone showing through here and there. The shreds weren't just a facial adornment, there were rotting strips of what used to be skin and fat hanging all over the body, bugs and worms crawling in and out of the disgusting mess, as well they probably should. The whole thing looked like something that had been exumed from the grave, and given life...who's to say that wasn't what happened? It was obvious the creature had broken a couple of bones in order to keep up with her, must have hit a tree or two without being able to stop. Even that didn't seem to have any effect upon it, however.

Rosaline recovered from the initial stench of the...thing, and glanced up at it, a new wave of nausea spreading across her body like wildfire. She could see the heart, even in the state of decay that it was in, was still beating, blood seemed to pumping through the body..it looked like something out of one's worst nightmares, not something that could actually be....alive? Organs moved as they normally would, beating, working, even in their severely decomposed states. Rosa shuddered and closed her eyes, trying to regain herself before she could face this being properly. Once her eyes had opened again, she glanced back up to where the creature had been standing. It was at that moment that she realized her biggest mistake. Her first had been to be caught here, unprepared, without Razor, Shattered, or Raven nearby. Her biggest, had been to take her eyes off of her attacker for any length of time. As she helplessly glanced around herself, the desperation apparent on her feline features, she knew she'd broken the biggest, most important rule of fighting. The urge was strong in her, she knew what she needed to do. She needed to gain the advantage once again, if that could even be possible. She needed to flee. With that single thought in mind, she leapt down from her perch in the tree, and dashes off towards Mill Run Ridge. If she was to gain help, it would be from Razor, and if she was to find him, it would be there....
As darkness fades...

So you are here... [30 Dec 2003|03:53pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

But I need to ask, why? What brings you here this day? Is it to find out who I truly am? Is it to check up on me, because you haven't been around in a while? Well I suppose, if you don't know me, I should probably tell you a bit about me. If you already do know my story, then sit back and relax, and allow yourselves to be reminded of my origins, and how I came to be....

So you want to know who I am, or more precisely, what I am. Fair enough, I guess I can tell you. But where to start....so many things I could start with, but I suppose the most simple one would be to explain what I am first. I am a werecreature, indeed, a wereleopard. Eh, what's that? What is a wereleopard? Let's see...how to describe this. You've heard of a werewolf, right? Alright, that's good. For a second there you had me almost scared. A wereleopard is basically a werewolf. A lycanthrope, or lycan for short. The only difference is, a werewolf is well, a wolf. And I am more refined, a dainty feline, as opposed to a lumbering, less graceful wolf? Nah, but part of that is true. I am a feline, rather than the more brutish werewolf. Other than that, the differences end, and the similarities begin to stack up. But one thing I have in common with werewolves is the misconceptions and myths that have been started in stories and folklore about us. What are some of these misconceptions and myths you ask? Well, there are so many, I don't know where to start with that either. Let me think a moment on that....

Ahh yes. I guess the most common one would be the myth of the moon and how, when its full, it causes us to be rabid, savage creatures bent solely on finding a human dinner in which to feed from. This is far from the truth, sorry to say. I'm sure there are many of you who shall be very disappointed about this. But, its a very untrue story told about us all the time. While the moon does hold a bit of a pull on me when its full, it does not have that particular side effect on me. For the most part, it only affects me when I'm in full were form, meaning when I'm completely in the form of a leopard. And even then, it affects me most when my were form is in heat. Which, doesn't happen as often as one might think. Unlike the natural leopard that wanders much warmer climates than this that I inhabit now, my were form only goes into heat maybe twice a year? If that. And when it happens around the time of a full moon, is most likely when I could become pregnant. Ahh yes, that is how my two wonderful darlings came to be...But we won't go into that, alright? Good...

Another misconception is the rivalry between werecreatures and vampires. If that were true, I wouldn't be considered the keeper of such a wonderful family, the Bloodthornes. Now I'm pretty sure I know what you're thinking by now..."She's crazy, she doesn't hate vampires, she's the keeper of a vampire clan. That's basically suicide isn't it?" But I have to say, no, its not. Vampires can be just as friendly as other garou, and other garou can be just as deadly as vampires are said to be. So it could go either way. It's all how you go about it, and who you make friends with. I shall never be like my family, the Bloodthornes, but I shall always be there to protect them, no matter what. Why can't I ever be like them? Ever seen what happens when a vampire tries to change a garou into a vampire, and vice versa? Its instant death. So, it really doesn't make sense for me to try and be like the one's I protect. Its better if I stay as I am, I wouldn't change myself for the world. I like being a wereleopard. There are many things I can do that my friends cannot. But I'm sure you knew that already.

I guess that's pretty much it about myself...Although I probably should add that, unlike most wereleopards and garou, I shall live much, much longer. That's partly because of a gift that was bestowed upon me. The gift of being a guardian. The woods I protected, were special, because of their location, and what creatures roamed within them. Later, a vampire family called the Bloodthornes, moved to the lands that my forest bordered, I had to find out about them. To see if they were a threat to my calling in life. I soon befriended them, and not only did I have a forest to protect, but a family and their lands, which they called the Shadowlands. Their leader, Tobey, was a wonderful man...I would give anything to have him back....But some things aren't meant to be, I guess? I still stand by their new leader, Shattered, and shall continue to protect my family, for indeed, they have accepted me into their family, as outcast as I am, and I shall repay them by keeping them from harm's way, as much as I can. But I guess that's just another story to tell you later. For now, I should probably get going. It was nice to meet those of you who don't know me, and great to see those of you who do know me, and I haven't seen in a while. The children wait for me, and I need to get back to them, but believe me, you'll see me around again. I can guarentee it.

As darkness fades...

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